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Have you received your magic link?

por Charlene Russell -

If you have successfully completed a YOMA opportunity, you should have received a "magic link" via email. The link should look like the picture below. Please click on "claim here" to redeem your voucher.

If you have NOT yet redeemed your voucher, please check that you have loaded your certificate BACK on to the YOMA site, and that your have loaded your certificate on to the correct opportunity. 

If you need any assistance with this process, please email

Waiting for that confirmation email?

por Charlene Russell -

Have you tried to set up a user name and password and are now waiting for a confirmation email? 

For some users their email systems bounce back our system generated emails, so you might never get a confirmation email. Don't worry, just wait a day and then try again, I will manually confirm all those accounts on the back end - BUT I only check once a day (because I have lots of other work to do), so it will just take a little bit of time before you can access your account. Keep trying, and you will be able to get into our Student portal!